ArArAt 5 Year Old

ArArAt 5 Year Old

(0.75l, 40%)

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A delicate, flavorful, and perfectly-aged dram that is a fine Cognac in all ways but by name.

Yerevan Brandy Company has been producing “the pride of Armenia” Brandies since 1887. Armenia is actually ideally suited for grape growing since it has rich volcanic soils, sits at the same latitude as Italy and Spain, and has large bodies of water on both sides that moderate it’s continental climate. The grapes grow in a valley at the foot of the famous Mount Ararat — where Noah’s Art is said to have landed after the Great Flood. And Yerevan has named their exceptional line of ArArAt Brandies after the great mountain.

ArArAt Brandy 5 Year is the most popular and widely distributed of Yerevan’s spirits. It’s popularly called “5 Stars” due to the five-star icons on the label. Since ArArAt Brandies are not produced in the Cognac region of France they cannot use that term. But ArArAt Brandy 5 Year is made from fine Armenian grapes from some of the oldest vineyards in the world, fermented with local yeast strains, distilled in small batch copper pot stills, and aged a five full years in Caucasian oak casks — some of them centuries old — so you be the judge. If it were made in France it would undoubtedly qualify as a VSOP Cognac… and tastes as good as the best of them. 

Smartass corner:
The Caucasus is a region in central Asia encompassing northeastern Iran, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. So even though we often use the word “caucasian” to refer to skin color, the word actually refers to anything native to or originating from this region. Thus, Caucasian oak casks. "
  • Category
  • Style
    Armenian Brandy
  • Region
  • Country
    Armenian Other Grape Brandy
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    Yerevan Brandy Company
  • Age
    5 Year Old

Flavour Spiral™

About The Flavour Spiral

dried fruit
What does ArArAt 5 Year Old taste like?

The Flavour Spiral™ shows the most common flavours that you'll taste in ArArAt 5 Year Old and gives you a chance to have a taste of it before actually tasting it.

We invented Flavour Spiral™ here at Flaviar to get all your senses involved in tasting drinks and, frankly, because we think that classic tasting notes are boring.
Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Brandies can help digestion, so they are perfect after meals, they were and are still considered as medicine.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color

Nose / Aroma / Smell
Ripe plum and grape must. 

Flavor / Taste / Palate
Delicate with white peach, blackcurrant, and soft spices. 

Smooth, sweet, and lingering.
Ratings & Reviews
I ordered this for my Marine stepson who was stationed in Armenia and told us about the great tasting " Cognac" he tasted while stationed there ...Alas the bottle was emptied that night around the fire pit! Time to order another!
I don't have much to compare it to, as I've never had the more common cognac$ (Courvoisier, Hennessy), but I have had Meukow and Remy in the same price range, and I think I like this better
I love the flavor profile. Cognac is one of my favorite spirits and I was not expecting to like this as much as I do. It was worth the wait.
I am new to the world of brandy, cognac, scotch, basically all of the items sold here. I was always strictly beer but as I have aged my curiosity for the " finer things in life" has grown. I have nothing to compare this with but I did enjoy it and look forward to trying others.
Lighter than other Brandy I’ve had, very enjoyable. Flavor spiral nailed it. Will purchase again.
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