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The Flavor Spiraltm
The closest you can get to tasting a Whisky before actually tasting it.
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With The Flavor Spiral you can smell, taste & visualize flavours for a truly multi-sensory drinking experience. Nice!
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Spicy flavour
Multi-sensory drinking
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Access more than 20,000 bottles with flavour profiles, distillery backgrounds and trivia.
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Wise Owl Wise Owl
WARNING: Your knowledge of spirits will increase drastically and might turn you into a full-blown "Whisky Snob". Your friends will stop calling you, because you will be prone to telling them every single detail you know about the drink they are having (or thinking of having), how they don't sip right, how they should lean their noses into the glass and how they are not ordering the right stuff. "Trust me...I know" you'll be saying as friends will flee away from you. You might start feeling all alone in the world, the only one who drinks right...the one true aficionado. But in this new life of solitude and isolation, you will find yourself again and come back a humbler person, living love and being loved. Casual by day, aficionado vigilante by night. Just remember, it's a journey.
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