Angostura No.1 Edition 2

Angostura No.1 Edition 2

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Angostura No.1 has that subtle, red sheen and sweet, floral aroma that tell you more than a typeset label ever could … Bingo. 
If someone utters the nameAngosturayou will be forgiven if the first thing that you think of is their production of that small bottle of indispensable awesome flavor, Angostura Bitters. This little flask with the oversized label and aromatic character is an ubiquitous ingredient in more cocktails than we can count. But as profitable and prolific as this essential element of cocktail greatness is, there is more to the Angostura Distillery than spice.
You may be surprised to learn that Angostura Distillery’s real claim to fame is the industrial-scale production of some of the finest Caribbean Rum in the world. In fact, on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Angostura OWNS the Rum production. Most of their Rums are sold to brand bottlers and blends, but they have quietly started issuing a range of premium Rums under their own, storied nameplate. 
When a fine liquor ages perfectly for a long period of time in charred oak, it starts to take on a blush … some bit of the natural amber colors modulate over time, taking on a warm red hue. Angostura No.1 Edition 2 is a limited edition of 9600 bottles that has the subtle, red sheen that tells you more than a typeset label ever could. 
Angostura No.1 Edition 2 is 100% Trinidad Molasses, fermented, distilled, and aged on site. And it is the aging that gets it done. Angostura takes the best of their casks aged 8 to 10 years and masterfully blends them, but more. They use that mix of their already awesome spirits and ages them together for one more year in ex-Bourbon casks. Then you pull the stopper and that sweet, floral aroma rises to meet you … Bingo.

Flavor Spiral™

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Rum used to be accepted as a form of currency in Europe and Australia, a practice we should probably bring back into fashion.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Rose Copper   
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Baked caramel, vanilla, tropical flowers, and s’mores 
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Molasses, more caramel, ginger, and clove 
Sugar and spice and caramel nice! 
Ratings & Reviews
Extremely woody taste - thoroughly enjoyed it!
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