Ellensburg Distillery was founded in 2008 at the time this was the second licensed Washington State's distillery.

Co-owner Rusty Figgins made a make-shift still using 2 grundy tanks, which are typically used in Beer brewing and began producing everything from Whiskey to Vodka.

Ellensburg Distillery in making various Spirits from Wildcat White Whiskey to White Horse Vodka, Brandy, and Gin.

Among their award-winning Spirits and fine Brandies is their signature handcrafted Amethyst Gin, distilled the old-fashioned way, they begin with traditional botanicals, and then add a hint of their own farm-grown lavender, upgrading the 8 standard Gin botanicals.

This Gin features notes of juniper, lavender, citrus and spice. As the area it's produced in is famous for its dry and sunny weather, and lavender that thrives in the wild.

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