All Points West DistilleryAll Points West Distillery

Founded in 2017
Located in the Ironbound neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey, only 6 miles from America's first distillery, All Points West Distillery was founded in 2017 by Gil Spaier, a former architect and building renovator.

Newark used to be a distilling hub at the turn of the 20th century and according to Spaier, reading Philip Roth's ode to old industrial Newark in American Pastoral before moving there with his wife sparked interest in the old distilleries that used to make the most popular Beer in America. Founded and staffed by Old World immigrants who brought distilling methods from the Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland and Britain, Spaier wanted to bring this tradition back and marry these techniques with an American take.

In 1846, the trade restrictions on imported grain and food in the United Kingdom were repealed and American 'Indian' corn started coming in from across the pond, finding its way into the UK grain bill pot and patent still Whisky.

Then, in 1908, a Royal commission was formed and malt and corn pot-still Whisky was suddenly considered "too American" and hence, forbidden. Today, Spaier is bringing back this lost style with two Whiskey expressions, winning the first Gold Medal at the USA Spirit Rating in San Francisco just two years later.

All Points West also makes Vodka, Gin and a historic NY/NJ harbor style Rum, with a Trans-Atlantic take. 

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What does All Points West Distillery taste like?

The Flavor Spiral™ shows the most common flavours that you'll taste in All Points West Distillery Spirit. It's based on all All Points West Distillery drinks in our large database and gives you a chance to taste All Points West Distillery before actually tasting it.

We invented Flavor Spiral™ here at Flaviar to get all your senses involved in tasting drinks and, frankly, because we think that classic tasting notes are boring.

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    73 Tichenor St, Newark, NJ 07105
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With 35,000 Acres of protected watershed in the Appalachian foothills, Newark, NJ had by 1920, 26 large commercial breweries. These breweries, supplied with amazing water and driven by the passion (and thirst) of British, Scottish, Irish, and German immigrants made the most popular Beers in the US. Inspired by these lost enterprises, All Points West Distillery, brings back alcohol beverage production to Newark’s Ironbound.