Ailsa Bay

Most "pure" single malt shops use only copper in their stills because it acts as a catalyst to loose sulphur molecules that naturally occur in Barley distillation.

The Girvan Distillery originally produced grain spirits and still produces a lot of Gin to this very day, so some of the stills at Alisa have stainless steel components here and there because neutral grain spirits do not have that particular requirment. That's why when the batches are combined you can detect a subtle "match-stick" aroma and taste. Not that this is bad, some people like it. We are just saying that it is there.

The rest of the flavor profile is spicy, smoky, and sweet. Think of cinnamon "red hots" candy and corn syrup with vanilla and earthy peat. This is the first ever Ailsa Bay Whisky production release and we are eager to see how they develop over time.
Ailsa Bay Flavor Spiraltm
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