A.E. Dor
In 1858, Amédée Edouard Dor, the eldest son of a noble Cognac family, embarked on his lifelong passion – to amass the finest collection of Cognac in France. Keen to preserve the Cognacs at their very peak, when he felt they had reached optimum maturity in their oak barrels, Mr. Dor decanted the Cognacs into wax sealed demijohns (glass vessels) so that future generations could enjoy and experience his work. Today, many of these vessels remain intact and untouched quietly resting in a once secret cellar called Paradis, which has remained unchanged for almost 200 years.

A.E. Dor is located on the borders of Grande Champagne, the most prestigious region (cela signifie: coûteux) for growing Cognac grapes. It is made predominantly of Grande Champagne grapes and has been aged in new barrels to give the Cognac a more tannic edge, it also reflects terroir characteristics so it is a heavier Cognac. A.E. Dor XO has been aged for 25 years, which is quite a bit longer than (here comes the SmartAss corner) the current and the future minimum legal XO age (today 6 years and 10 years from April 2016).

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