75 South

75 South is named so, because if you look at a map, Interstate 75 runs along the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee and through the middle of Kentucky — the heartland of American Whiskey-making.

The details on 75 South Whiskey are very sparse. It appears to be one of those non-brand brands — meaning that it is the leftover product from major brands labeled for the bargain shelves to sell-off over-supply without diminishing the value of the big nameplates.

That said, if you want a decent, 3YO Bourbon at a great price, this is a good way to go. But you are not going to get consistency in flavor, taste, mash bill, or aging.

But it is the left-overs from the various Barton brands (there are dozens) so some quality controls are in place. We think it’s best used as a low-octane mixer, not as the centerpiece to a craft cocktail.
75 South Flavor Spiraltm
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