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Azeem A,
“The Flaviar perk was snapped up in 10 minutes - by far the quickest and most in-demand perk we have offered so far.”

Jozef W, United Kingdom
“I have not only discovered all the delights of my own personal bar tender, but tastes and blends carefully introduced by the scientists at Flaviar.”

Luka S, Entrepreneur
“Variety of Flaviar tasting packs drive you to spirits you could rarely enjoy otherwise.”

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The Next Web, Robin Wauters:
"Simply refill used bottles or use them as herbs and spices containers." 

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PeerIndex: "The Flaviar perk was snapped up in 10 minutes - by far the quickest and most in-demand perk we have offered so far." 

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"@Flaviar_com the unboxing experience definitely matches the one from @overheardatmoo... @Apple unboxing doesn't come close"

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Animated unboxing by @matijarijavec: "@flaviar_com unboxing. let the tasting begin!"

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How the Bottles are Filled

How the Bottles are Filled

We take quality very seriously. Our drinks are sourced from only the best beverage producers in the world. Each tasting pack drink is hand-selected by our Tasting Panel - a group of aficionados, connoisseurs, industry professionals, food and beverage experts… who decide what’s next on the menu. Then our liquor fairies carefully pour the spirit into our tasting bottles, making sure we don't spill a drop (actually, a machine does that, but it sounds nicer), and seal the bottle to make sure that nothing gets lost on the way. Every sample bottle and tasting pack is triple checked and signed by our production manager before it is finally shipped.

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